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Business Outsourcing

Business Outsourcing

Toukan Corporate Services Limited have developed a comprehensive set of outsourcing services in order to assist our clients in focusing on the core functions of their business. The outsourcing of administration and back office operations benefits our clients while ensuring high levels of productivity, efficiency and minimum disruptions in a cost-effective way.

Our Outsourcing services include:

  • Legal services :
    We work closely with legal professionals to ensure low levels of legal issues, in order to improve and save on costs, as well as to concentrate on the core functions and competencies of the business.
  • Directorship services :
    We provide professional independent directors to add value to companies and institutions through their experience and knowledge.
  • Board services :
    We assist our clients in various board services to ensure that effectiveness and adherence to Mauritian laws and the Code of Good Governance are met.  Some of our services include:
  • Setting up the board
  • Advice for the board members
  • Drafting agendas
  • Communicating information to concerned individuals
  • Carrying out evaluations.
  • Company secretarial services :
    Our team help our clients in fulfilling their statutory obligations in an efficient way. Some of our services include:
  • Maintaining all records and registers of clients
  • Filing of statutory documents in accordance to requirements
  • Drafting agendas for meetings
  • Liaising with auditors, authorities and relevant institutions
  • Ensuring that financial statements are prepared and filed accordingly.
  • Human resource services :
    We provide HR administrative and payroll services to support our clients in meeting their strategic and operational objectives.
  • Corporate immigration services :
    We cater for the needs and requirements of expatriates and assist them as well as their families in the visa application procedures, permits, accommodation and office set-up.